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The world of business has moved online. The internet has surpassed television as the main source that Americans use to help them make informed decisions as consumers. With over one billion online search queries daily, the internet is the world’s largest marketplace.


In order to see your business succeed in this competitive setting, you must have a comprehensive marketing plan, which includes search engine optimization, or SEO. In the world of online marketing, one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful business is developing your online presence. Our expert SEO team at Web360 works with clients daily to achieve amazing results. Let us do the same for you!


What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of generating more traffic to you site from relevant search engine queries. For instance, a website selling tractors would want to appear as the first search result whenever a potential customer searches for the phrase “buy tractors” or “where to buy tractors”. At Web360, Search Engine Optimization is our specialty and our dedicated team of experts has extensive experience in helping generate a high volume of traffic to your website by making you more accessible through major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our SEO team has a wealth of effective strategies and tactics to increase web traffic to your site.


A well executed SEO plan leads to increased search engine visibility, generating greater web traffic to your site, resulting in increased sales. SEO is not a one-time operation but an ongoing exercise. Our SEO team offers services designed to optimize and continuously improve your website.


There’s no point in having a website if no one ever visits it. Even a well-designed website is useless if it doesn’t attract the proper audience. Whatever your goal for your website, whether it’s selling or promoting a product, impressing potential clients, or networking with other businesses, a comprehensive online marketing campaign can help you achieve your goal.


The Fundamentals of SEO


The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When keywords are entered into these search engines, the search engines find the most relevant websites based on keyword usage. Search Engine Optimization helps your website appear as one of the top results generated through search engine queries. One of our skilled SEO experts will implement the following techniques to optimize your website and help you receive more traffic through search engines.


    • Keyword research & competitor research:

Strategic keyword research allows you to maximize your website audience by using proper wording on all of your pages. When succeesfully implemented, keyword research gives you a flawless design for how to structure your website content, blog articles, and product description.


    • Analytics setup & review:

By using online web tools, such as Google Analytics, our SEO team will monitor your SEO progress, track visitors to your website, and look for solutions to any problems or issues with your site. Our SEO team will show you how to use Google Analytics to set and track goals, generate reports and data about your site, monitor where your traffic is originating from, and see how keywords are attracting new visitors to your site.


    • Link building campaigns:

A vital element to a successful SEO campaign is link building, making your site more accessible by linking it with other websites receiving high-volumes of traffic. If your site is linked with other reputable sites, you will see an even greater increase of traffic to your site.


    • Social media campaigns:

Utilizing social media forums, like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, is an important part of creating a far-reaching SEO campaign. Many people rely heavily on social media sites for new information and to see what their friends are recommending. Having a well-designed and maintained social media campaign will increase new clients and customers to your site.


    • Search engine ranking reporting:

In order to receive high volumes of traffic to your site through keyword searches, you must be tracking to see where your site ranks among keyword searches. With new sites popping up daily, it’s important to continuously monitor your keyword ranking among different search engines. Our SEO team will work to ensure that your ranking remains as high as possible.


    • Repeat with keyword research:

Researching relevant keywords or phrases to help generate traffic to you site is an ongoing process, and involves continuous monitoring of new competitive sites, popular topics and phrases and online trends. Our team of experts will continue to research keyword searches so that your site will stay current and up to date with the most popular keyword threads.


Website Auditing:


    • Title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt attributes:

Identifying the most relevant keywords is one step of the process, using them correctly is the next step. Keywords must be used properly in your titles, meta tags, and even in labeling images. Our SEO team will help improve your ranking by using keywords strategically throughout your site.


    • URL structure:

Having the right URL is also important in becoming more searchable. Your URL should contain real words, relevant to your site and the keywords that are associated with your website. We can help you select a custom URL that will more easily attract potential customer and clients to your site.


    • Navigation structure:

Having a site that is easy to navigate is essential to keeping clients and customers on your site once they have discovered it. A well-designed site that is easy to use will draw repeat visitors to your site, and therefore increase your traffic, helping you increase your ranking among search engines.


    • Duplicate copy check:

You don’t want to duplicate copy on your website. Keywords are great to draw in traffic, but repeating content on multiple pages can result in your site being flagged as spam. The content on your site must be unique, interesting, and relevant to a specific topic. Experienced SEO writers can improve your site by implementing SEO techniques without being redundant or plagiarizing.


    • A/B & multivariate testing:

A comprehensive SEO campaign must test out a variety of scenarios to find the most searchable combination of keywords and phrases. A/B and multivariate testing can help determine the best plan to increase traffic to your site.


    • Back-link review:

It’s important to have links that lead visitors back to your site and to build partnerships with other websites that are similar to yours to help generate more traffic. You’ll want to make sure that these links are current, take clients to the appropriate page, and are linked with reputable sites. A bad back-link can hurt your site’s reputation or deter a potential client or customer from visiting your site again. Our SEO team will check that your back-links function properly and are relevant to your website.


Why You Need SEO


The world of online business is constantly changing and as such, your online marketing campaign must be ever-evolving to stay current and competitive. Constant research must be done on new search engines, social media sites, SEO strategies and methodologies, and news.


SEO is not a one-time service, but an ongoing service, covering many aspects. Copy writing, web design, SEO practices, and social media marketing are all part of a comprehensive campaign to increase your visibility in the online world. Our team at Web360 is trained in all aspects of online marketing and we will work to create a comprehensive plan to help your website succeed in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace.


The Web360 Difference


At Web360, our team of SEO experts will work to improve every aspect of your website. Our experienced team of professionals will use our knowledge and expertise to deliver results and help your website and your business thrive.


At Web360, we stay up-to-date on the newest and latest SEO strategies and techniques, monitoring search engine updates and new developments in the online world of business and marketing. We know that the SEO industry is always changing and we strive to stay informed of new developments in order to keep our clients competitive.


Our team of SEO experts will work with you on an intimate level, fully understanding your needs and wishes, specific to your site and personal goals. We work closely with each and every client, creating customized plans, and keeping you informed of the larger goals and visions outlined for your site. Not only will we work to continuously improve your website and your business, but we will communicate clearly and effectively, keeping your well-informed and feeling confident about our partnership.


If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and would like to learn more about how an SEO campaign can help you, contact one of our experts at Web360 today and discover how our services can help you succeed in the world of online business. It’s time to see how SEO services can improve your business today. Call us at 8408-3419 for a free quote.